My Personal Fair Use Example

The Godmother T-Shirt

The Godmother is a t-shirt design I created that is a parody of the logo of the 1972 American crime film, The Godfather. If you have ever took out a student loan for college, then you know exactly why I created this parody.

The Godmother

The original logo is a metaphor that The Godfather controlled people like a puppeteer controlling puppets. With this design I replaced the words “The Godfather” with Sallie Mae, hinting that the corporation is controlling people with student debt.

The Godfather

The film is about Don Vito Corleone , The Godather, who is the don of an Italian family/mafia called The Corleone’s. The Godfather has the power to take what he want or help those in need, but you must do what he demands, unless you pay the ultimate price.

Who is Sallie Mae?

Sallie Mae is a corporation that help students attend college that need financial aid with loans, but these loans have interest rates that may be difficult to pay back if someone did or didn’t acquire a job in their field. Sallie Mae is disliked because of its high interest rates and fees, and the infamous early morning and repetitive calls to your home demanding payment.

Sallie Mae will give you an option to pay back loans in monthly installments with an amount depending on your income, and you must pay those installments unless your credit will be ruined or even worse, your wages will be garnished! Before you take out loans for Sallie Mae you must research and know the consequences.